ACA Membership Form – complete for all athletes and parents

2021-2022 Participant Registration EN

  • PTSO = Alberta Alpine
  • Club = Bow Valley Quikies (Q16,Q18,Q22,U8,U10,U12). = Banff Alpine Racers (U14, U16, FIS)
  • Discipline = Alpine
  • Non – Competitive = Parent, volunteer, official
  • Competitive = Entry Level (athletes under age of 10), Recreational (U12), National (U14,U16),
  • International License = FIS only
  • SAIP Insurance = FIS or internationally travelling athletes
  • Don’t forget to sign page 2!

Covid Participation Form COVID-19 Club Participation Agreement 2021

FIS ATHLETE FORMS – To be sent to Club
FIS Declaration Form – 1st Year FIS athletes only
FIS Medical Form – All FIS Athletes, original document

AASA Member Code of Conduct

BAR Code of Conduct – complete for all U12, U14, U16, FIS athletes, Head Coaches will review with athletes.
BAR Code of Conduct with Acknowledgment.15.11.2019

AASA Concussion Policy Registration Form – complete for all athletes
AASA Concussion Program Acknowledgement Form FINAL
Parent Resource for Concussion Awareness
Alpine Canada References
SIRC – Sport Information Resource Centre

Out of Country – Athletes training outside of Canada must complete the SAIP, AND notify the Club

Face and Back Protection Memorandum
Face & Back Protection Memorandum 2018-2019 5.3.2018 Final