Looking forward to racing and volunteering opportunities this coming season.


U14,U16,FIS Race Volunteers are required to complete:

OFFICIALS DATABASE – http://www.alpinepoints.ca

  • Set up an account on the National Officials database and verify your officials level – https://alpinepoints.ca/officials/login/
  • If you completed the course after September 2020, your information will NOT be automatically populated
  • If you use a different email address, that is ok, but will not show up – in this case please send a legacy request to Don Boyce – dlboyce@telusplanet.net
  • LEGACY REQUEST – Go into profile on alpinepoints.ca.  Go under the tab “your certifications” and select Request/Legacy/Equivalency Certification
  • Select “Make a Request”, complete the fields.  Select Don Boyce and they will certify.  Please include the year you completed the course/approximate, name of course provider.

Parent Education