BVQ Entry Level Programs

The Banff Alpine Racers and Bow Valley Quikies exist to promote the sport of alpine ski racing.

The Bow Valley Quikies (BVQ) offers a ski development program for young children aged 5 and older. The Club focuses on skill acquisition and igniting the spirit of the sport through friendly competition. This framework is established by Alpine Canada Alpin’s Long Term Athlete Development; which identifies key phases for long term skier development.

BVQ Programs

Children are assigned to a coaching group for the season; utilizing skill level and age and working within a maximum 6:1 athlete to coach ratio. The Club offers a number of choices ranging from 1-2 days per week depending on each family’s goals and commitment level.

Q16 – Intro to Quikies (16 days on snow) – Identifies a series of skiing skills linked to the motor skill development of children five years of age. The environment fosters a love for the sport through miles of snow play, friends and the enjoyment of friendly competition. Details

Q18 (18 days on snow) – Introduce athletes to the Snow Stars program; a seven-step program that guides children and coaches through a progression of skills. The goal for this program is for children to learn the basics of the sport through miles of skiing, friendly competition and to promote a life-long interest in the sport. Details

Q22 (22 days on snow) – Program designed to transition athletes from 1-2 day skiing.  Athletes will add more gate training and race environments.

U8 (30-35 days on snow) provides skiers a comprehensive understanding of the Snow Stars skill program by maximizing days on snow. Details

U10 (40 or55 days on snow) designed with the main objective of the skiers becoming technically competent and to utilize their skills to explore a wide range of skiing activities from racing to free skiing environments. Following graduation from the Quikies programs, the athletes move onto the next level with the Banff Alpine Racers. Details

U12 & U12 + (55 or 70 days on snow) designed to introduce and guide athletes in the training environment; applying their skills and ultimately learning how to train. They will experience Slalom and Giant Slalom disciplines within the training structure which prepares them for the move into U14 racing. Details