BAR Programs

Banff Alpine Racers has highly trained and experienced coaches who follow the Alpine Canada Alpin Long Term Athlete Development

”Learn to Race & Train to Train U14 and U16” – In this phase building the racer takes centre stage encouraging athletes to train as fast as possible without falling and limited coaching cues while executing strong technical skills.

Focus on year round training comes into play including developing specific fitness for ski racing.
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”Train to Race” – Optimizing athletic performance in ski racing competition by mastering the event specific skills and learning winning strategies.
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Avalanche Awareness Program 
Banff Alpine Racers received a grant towards Avalanche Education and Equipment in 2017.  2017/2018 was our first season starting to educate young athletes about the dangers of Back Country.  Athletes participated in an indoor session learning about risks, how to read the mountains, factors affecting avalanches and more.  The athletes were then able to put their skills to test with Beacon, probe and shovel in a safe simulation.  BAR coach is a certified AST Guide, leading the sessions with skills progressing throughout the years.