Looking ahead to season 2020/2021

We are all going through tough times right now with the ski season ending suddenly, weekends are quiet, and we all miss our second home at Mt Norquay.  How can we support each other though this period?

  • REACH OUT to your friends that you see every weekend, make sure they are ok.
  • THANK your coaches that helped you be the athlete you are today.
  • CREATE GOALS – start small and reach higher as you complete tasks.
  • STAY ACTIVE – whether it’s a walk outside, work out at home, meditation, yoga or a dance party, be creative!
  • STAY SAFE – take recommendations seriously and practice social distancing
  • SCHOLARSHIPS to assist towards next season – http://albertaalpine.ca/about/awards-scholarships/
  • WIN GEAR for next year with Alberta Alpine! http://albertaalpine.ca/2020/03/18/win-your-gear-for-next-year/
  • VOTE FOR ACA SKI RACING AWARDS – Recognize those that motivate you and make ski racing possible.  Athlete, Resort, Volunteer & Coach of the Year awards. Nomination open now! https://alpinecanada.org/awards/guide
  • BE POSITIVE – we will get through this and appreciate everyone and everything more and more each day.

Thank you: @mtnorquay @budgetrentals @cartercadillacyyc @banfflodgingcompany @niczoricicfoundation @techshop @alpinepeakphotographybanff

If you want to share ideas or experiences with us, post an instagram story and tag @banffalpine we would love to see what you are doing to stay positive.  Take care everyone, 2020/2021 is going to be the best season ever!


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