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14th Annual Bozo Cup Memorial Weekend

March 30/31 marked the 14th year of the Rob Bosinger Memorial Race hosted by Banff Alpine at Mount Norquay. Rob was a prominent athlete, mentor, friend and father who carried his passion for ski racing through all walks of his life. In May 2005 Rob passed away due to cardiac arrhythmia at the age of 38, leaving behind his wife and son. In honour of his legacy his friends, family and community dedicated the Bozo Cup in his memory.

The knockout style race features head-to-head racing in a panelled slalom format. Each person continuing based on the winner of each race. Obstacles include two jumps, screaming commentators and less than practical costumes.

Registration saw the women’s pro category sell out for the first time in years following strong numbers in the amateur category. Men’s pro, amateur and masters categories were also close to capacity. Money raised from this weekend goes towards a set of scholarships for two young Alberta Alpine athletes and research and support for the Canadian Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes (SADS) Foundation.

This year Alberta Alpine hosted the first practice night at COP for retired enthusiasts who may have needed more than one run to get back into it (cough* most of us). Coaches retired athletes and business professionals came out of the woodwork in preparation for the big day.

The spring weather graced its presence yet again as past, present national, provincial and local athletes queued up to support the cause. Cowboys, Retro and the Canadian Tuxedo were amongst many costumes paraded on the track. We’re pretty sure we saw a Kim Kardashian inspired costume amongst others! Coaches (sometimes) gave their past athletes a run for their money, while dads and moms arced like they hadn’t missed a race in years.

As part of tradition, Pete Bosinger opened the race by hosting a toast to everyone in attendance, celebrating the legacy of his brother as well as the community we continue to value.

Younger athletes even took some time off their training schedule to come and cheer on their coaches, parents and mentors (while giving some much-needed racing advice).

The award for best Costume was awarded to Ross McKercher for his exquisite hand-made ‘yipyip’ design.

A big thank you to Damien and Maggie Mills who designed and curated new medals for this year’s participants. Thank you to the volunteers whom we all rely on the make this special day a success.

Sunday followed with Kinder Cup, U14 & U16 athletes battling it out on the course for top spot.

Story by Hannah Willinger, Photos by John Evely

2019 Bozo Cup Results

Women’s Pro

  1. Mikayla Martin – Current Canadian Alpine Team Member
  2. Georgia Willinger – past New Zealand Ski Team Member
  3. Emma Carmichael – Current BAR FIS athlete

Women’s Amateur

  1. Mariana Tellez – Past BAR athlete and current BAR coach
  2. Lara Kattler – Past BAR athlete and current BAR coach
  3. Emily Coles

Men’s pro

  1. Paul Stutz – Past Canadian Ski Team Champion
  2. Louie-Pierre Helie – Past Canadian Ski Cross
  3. Cedric Gangon

Men’s Amateur

  1. Cole Lamoureux – Past FIS athlete
  2. Adam Matejko – Past FIS athlete
  3. Cody Pederson – Past Alberta Ski Team Member

Men’s Masters

  1. Andre Quenneville – Mt Norquay GM, past alpine racer
  2. Pete Bosinger – Past Canadian Ski Team Member
  3. Matt Hyndman – Past Alberta Ski Team Member




U of C Faculty of Nursing clothing drive

Head’s up! For those of you who are already transitioning into summer mode and stashing away your kids winter clothing, please keep an eye out for any winter jackets, snow pants etc they may have outgrown! The University of Calgary’s Faculty of Nursing is supporting a warm winter clothing drive with a local Calgary elementary school during the fall of 2019.
We would be grateful for your contribution! Please bring your gently used warm winter clothes for children, pre-Kindergarten to 6th grade, to the BAR end of season banquet, where there will be a collection bin with a sign ‘U of C winter clothing donations’.
We are looking specifically for:
• Jackets
• Hoodies
• Sweaters
• Snow pants
• Toques or warm hats
• Gloves or mittens

For any additional information or alternative drop-off locations, you can contact Ann-Marie Carroll at University of Calgary at or Chelsea Holmes at University of Calgary

Thanks for keeping our young Calgarians warm next winter.