Banff Alpine Racers Foundation BARF Scholarship

Will be awarding up to two scholarships at the end of this month to two athletes currently participating in Bow Valley Quickies or Banff Alpine Racers Programs.  Each award shall be $1,750 and is to be applied toward coaching fees or travel costs for the 2017/2018 season.

Please fill in the attached application and provide a cover letter introducing yourself to the BARF Selection Committee: Brian Brown, Greg Manktelow, Paul Stutz and Damien Mills.

All applications shall be reviewed by the Committee and winning applicants contacted directly by BARF.


  • Who can apply?  Anyone, though special consideration is provided to applicants who reside (full or Part Time) in the Bow Valley Communities of Exshaw, Canmore, Banff and Lake Louise.  The foundation is part of the Bow Valley Community Foundation so its charter is to support and promote skiing to families and athletes who reside in the Bow Valley
  • Can the funds be used elsewhere? No, the Foundation was set up to support young athletes as they participate and develop as young ski racers in the Bow Valley Racers or Banff Alpine Racers Programs.
  • Do I need to be a BVQ or BAR Athlete? No, but special consideration is provided to athletes who are currently enrolled within BVQ or BAR Programs.  The committee may elect at their discretion to provide funds to an athlete who is an Alumni of the program or advancing in the ski career beyond BVQ & BAR Programming.
  • Do I have to be a top athlete in my age group to qualify? No, awards and achievements within ski racing are not necessary qualifications.  We’re looking for athletes that want to continue in the sport and have a passion for ski racing, skiing, their skiing community and peers.
  • Who should fill out the application? The athlete applying for the scholarship should fill out the application and provide a cover letter. It’s about them and their passion for the sport.
  • Is this designed as financial aid?  Financial need is not a requirement for the application or award of the scholarship but part of the goal of BARF is to support athletes as they grow in the sport so consideration is given to athletes who may not otherwise be able to continue in the sport without aid from the community.
  • Are there other scholarships available for young athletes?  Yes, there are many scholarships and grants available for young athletes in Alberta and we would encourage you to look for these opportunities in addition to application to BARF.  Alberta Alpine maintains a list of awards and grants available for young athletes.  Winning or receiving additional grants in no way impedes your application or probability of winning the BARF Scholarship.
  • Can I receive the scholarship more than once? Yes, though each year you will need to apply.

BARF-Scholarship Application



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